The XiMoL library File List

Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
ximol/assignment.hpp [code]Assignment declaration. In this file, we define all helper for the equality problem. In some cases, we need to assign a const string and then we just want to test the equality. All these helpers are here for this problem
ximol/codecvt.cpp [code]Facet access (implementation)
ximol/codecvt.hpp [code]Codecvt (declaration)
ximol/control_flow.cpp [code]Control flow (Implementation)
ximol/control_flow.hpp [code]Control flow (declaration)
ximol/error.cpp [code]GetFrom and PutTo operator for common char and xchar_t (Implementation)
ximol/error.hpp [code]Define the main error class
ximol/export_defs.hpp [code]Define the export symbol for windows DLL compilation
ximol/fstream.cpp [code]XML streams implementations
ximol/fstream.hpp [code]XML streams declarations
ximol/io.cpp [code]GetFrom and PutTo operator for common char and xchar_t (Implementation)
ximol/io.hpp [code]GetFrom and PutTo operator for common char and xchar_t
ximol/macros.hpp [code]Define XiMoL macros
ximol/namespace_defs.hpp [code]Define all macros for the namespaces
ximol/qname.hpp [code]Qualified name (declaration)
ximol/readme_charset.hpp [code]
ximol/readme_coding_standard.hpp [code]
ximol/readme_contributors.hpp [code]
ximol/readme_cvs.hpp [code]
ximol/readme_examples.hpp [code]
ximol/readme_faq.hpp [code]
ximol/readme_group.hpp [code]
ximol/readme_iostream.hpp [code]
ximol/readme_licence.hpp [code]
ximol/readme_main.hpp [code]
ximol/readme_other_pages.hpp [code]
ximol/readme_roadmap.hpp [code]
ximol/sstream.cpp [code]XML streams implementations
ximol/sstream.hpp [code]XML streams declarations
ximol/stop_warnings.hpp [code]Disable all Microsoft Visual C++ warning
ximol/str_cast.cpp [code]Cast to string implementation
ximol/str_cast.hpp [code]Cast to string
ximol/stream.cpp [code]XML streams implementations
ximol/stream.hpp [code]XML streams declarations
ximol/traits.hpp [code]Traits
ximol/translation.cpp [code]
ximol/translation.hpp [code]Gettext wrapper for the library
ximol/typedefs.hpp [code]All cool type definition
ximol/ximol.hpp [code]Include include all ximol headers
ximol/encoders/encoders.cpp [code]Facet access (implementation)
ximol/encoders/encoders.hpp [code]Facet access declaration. All function about facet encoding are in this file. We use the libiconv librairie for the encoding
ximol/encoders/error.cpp [code]Error class implementation
ximol/encoders/error.hpp [code]Declare the error class and macros. Define an encoders::error derived from ximol::error
ximol/parser/def_signs.hpp [code]Define some macros for signs. All ascii character are define here with macros. We need it to avoid error in the parser by confusing two character
ximol/parser/utils.cpp [code]
ximol/parser/utils.hpp [code]All parser functions declarations
ximol/xml/attributes.cpp [code]Attributes implementation
ximol/xml/attributes.hpp [code]Attributes declaration
ximol/xml/box.hpp [code]Define box Interface
ximol/xml/cdata.cpp [code]Xml_decl implementation
ximol/xml/cdata.hpp [code]Define cdata Interface
ximol/xml/comment.hpp [code]Define comment Interface
ximol/xml/content.cpp [code]Xml_decl implementation
ximol/xml/content.hpp [code]Define content Interface
ximol/xml/context.cpp [code]Context (implementation)
ximol/xml/context.hpp [code]Define the XML context.
ximol/xml/etag.cpp [code]Define etag Implementation
ximol/xml/etag.hpp [code]Define etag Interface
ximol/xml/open_stag.cpp [code]Define open_stag Implementation
ximol/xml/open_stag.hpp [code]Define open_stag Interface
ximol/xml/prolog.cpp [code]Prolog Interface (implementation)
ximol/xml/prolog.hpp [code]Define XiMoL prolog Interface
ximol/xml/reader.cpp [code]Reader (implementation)
ximol/xml/reader.hpp [code]Define XiMoL Interface
ximol/xml/stag.cpp [code]Define stag Implementation
ximol/xml/stag.hpp [code]Define stag Interface
ximol/xml/xml_decl.cpp [code]Xml_decl implementation
ximol/xml/xml_decl.hpp [code]Define xml_decl Interface

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