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attributes implementation.

Tournois Florent
attributes.cpp,v 1.19 2004/02/22 10:27:34 tournois Exp
Revision 1.19 2004/02/22 10:27:34 tournois Add some doc.

Revision 1.18 2004/02/22 09:54:21 tournois Change years on the copyright.

Revision 1.17 2004/01/29 20:52:35 tournois doc and tutorial.

Revision 1.16 2004/01/18 11:40:58 tournois Add the pattern facet.

Revision 1.15 2003/12/10 20:32:18 tournois Fix somes bugs about attributes and now tests are all check.

Revision 1.14 2003/12/09 19:57:28 tournois Fix some bugs about attributes classes.

Revision 1.13 2003/12/05 13:04:41 hfp adapt supplied functions

Revision 1.12 2003/12/05 10:42:53 hfp completed

Revision 1.11 2003/12/04 14:44:10 hfp shortcut/uri-mapping includes default namespace ns_map swaps key with value -> faster find for main use-case throwing error in some cases interface is based on map (insert, fiind) mis-use of special values on return removed (find etc.) size() returns an size_t (unsigned)

Revision 1.10 2003/12/03 12:28:46 hfp swap, copy construction and assignment

Revision 1.9 2003/11/19 20:52:54 tournois Add new manipulator for stag and etag. Correct bugs and add tests.

Revision 1.8 2003/11/18 18:54:52 tournois Add str_cast and drop the transformation.hpp file.

Definition in file attributes.cpp.

#include <ximol/xml/attributes.hpp>
#include <ximol/parser/utils.hpp>
#include <ximol/translation.hpp>
#include <ximol/str_cast.hpp>
#include <ximol/sstream.hpp>
#include <ximol/error.hpp>
#include <algorithm>

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struct  second_comp


::std::ostream & operator<< (::std::ostream &os, const attributes &x)
 put to operator for attributes on standard stream

Function Documentation

::std::ostream& operator<< ::std::ostream &  os,
const attributes x

put to operator for attributes on standard stream

Definition at line 350 of file attributes.cpp.

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