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00001 /** \page contributors XiMoL authors and contributors 
00003 \section contrib_main The main team
00004 \subsection contrib_cyril Cyril Godart
00005 Cyril Godart is a quantitative researcher at BNP Paribas in London. He is developing risk models for derivative products and has interest for parallel computing and fast numerical methods.
00007 \subsection contrib_florent Florent Tournois
00008 Florent Tournois is software architect at the INSEE (Institut National de la Statistiques et des Etudes Economiques). He is the author of K2 and XiMoL, two projects that are freely available on the web. 
00010 It is fair to say that their collaboration and friendship started because of C++ and that is not the only reason why they enjoy the language. They began exploring C++ methods for XML as well as the rich complexity of C++ iostreams while working together and have not stopped ever since.
00012 \section contrib_contributors Contributors
00013 \subsection contrib_hfp Hans-Friedrich Pabst
00014 Hans-Friedrich Pabst is scientist at the Bauhaus-University Weimar, department for "Systems of Virtual Reality".
00015 Before, he has developed software for aerospace engineering and for the optical industry.
00016 He is interested on portable software development and deep C++.
00018  */

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