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Assignment declaration. In this file, we define all helper for the equality problem. In some cases, we need to assign a const string and then we just want to test the equality. All these helpers are here for this problem.

Tournois Florent
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Revision 1.11 2004/02/25 18:58:39 tournois imporve the gcc compatibility.

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Revision 1.7 2004/02/22 09:54:19 tournois Change years on the copyright.

Revision 1.6 2004/02/15 10:04:36 hfp assignment_private_helper: all the things are already part of boost... select -> mpl::if_c equal -> now use of equal is more specified to boost::type_traits: is_const, is_convertible, ... assignment (struct) is more special: test_equality is also selected in case of arrays

Revision 1.5 2004/01/29 20:52:35 tournois doc and tutorial.

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Revision 1.1 2004/01/08 20:02:29 tournois Add XIMOL_XML_NAMESPACE_PATH::comment and assignment mainuplator.

Definition in file assignment.hpp.

#include <ximol/str_cast.hpp>
#include <ximol/error.hpp>
#include <ximol/translation.hpp>
#include <boost/mpl/if.hpp>
#include <boost/type_traits.hpp>

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namespace  assignment_private_helper
namespace  assignment_test_equality_policy
namespace  assignment_equality_policy


struct  assignment
 Assignment struct with options. More...

assignment type defined

typedef assignment< assignment_equality_policy::to_string,
assignment_test_equality_policy::serialization<> > 
 assignment for string type

typedef assignment< assignment_equality_policy::standard,
assignment_test_equality_policy::standard<> > 
 assignment standard

typedef assignment< assignment_equality_policy::char_serialization,
assignment_test_equality_policy::char_serialization<> > 
 assignment with small char serialization

typedef assignment< assignment_equality_policy::char_serialization,
assignment_test_equality_policy::char_serialization<> > 
 assignment with wide char serialization

Typedef Documentation

typedef assignment<assignment_equality_policy::char_serialization, assignment_test_equality_policy::char_serialization<> > assignment_char_serialization

assignment with small char serialization

Definition at line 239 of file assignment.hpp.

typedef assignment<assignment_equality_policy::standard, assignment_test_equality_policy::standard<> > assignment_std

assignment standard

Definition at line 237 of file assignment.hpp.

typedef assignment<assignment_equality_policy::to_string, assignment_test_equality_policy::serialization<> > assignment_to_string

assignment for string type

Definition at line 235 of file assignment.hpp.

typedef assignment<assignment_equality_policy::char_serialization, assignment_test_equality_policy::char_serialization<> > assignment_wchar_serialization

assignment with wide char serialization

Definition at line 241 of file assignment.hpp.

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