ximol/xml/cdata.hpp File Reference

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Define cdata Interface.

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Revision 1.7 2004/02/25 18:59:13 tournois imporve the gcc compatibility.

Revision 1.6 2004/02/22 10:27:34 tournois Add some doc.

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Revision 1.1 2004/01/07 21:13:10 tournois no message

Definition in file cdata.hpp.

#include <ximol/parser/utils.hpp>
#include <ximol/assignment.hpp>
#include <ximol/str_cast.hpp>

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class  manipulator_cdata
 class for the qualified name More...


template<typename T> xostreamoperator<< (xostream &xos, const manipulator_cdata< T > &m)
template<typename T> xistreamoperator>> (xistream &xis, manipulator_cdata< T > &m)
template<typename T> manipulator_cdata< T > cdata (T &t)
XIMOL_EXPORT xostreamcdata_start (xostream &xos)
XIMOL_EXPORT xistreamcdata_start (xistream &xis)
XIMOL_EXPORT xostreamcdata_end (xostream &xos)
XIMOL_EXPORT xistreamcdata_end (xistream &xis)

Function Documentation

template<typename T>
manipulator_cdata<T> cdata T &  t  ) 

Definition at line 134 of file cdata.hpp.

template<typename T>
xostream& operator<< xostream xos,
const manipulator_cdata< T > &  m

Definition at line 114 of file cdata.hpp.

References write_cd_sect(), and XIMOL_PARSER_USING_NAMESPACE.

template<typename T>
xistream& operator>> xistream xis,
manipulator_cdata< T > &  m

Definition at line 125 of file cdata.hpp.

References read_cd_sect(), manipulator_cdata< T >::set_string(), XIMOL_PARSER_USING_NAMESPACE, and xstring.

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