ximol/xml/reader.hpp File Reference

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Define XiMoL Interface.

This is the most important file in the project. Here we define the user interface of the library.

Tournois Florent
reader.hpp,v 1.13 2004/02/25 18:59:13 tournois Exp
Revision 1.13 2004/02/25 18:59:13 tournois imporve the gcc compatibility.

Revision 1.12 2004/02/22 10:27:34 tournois Add some doc.

Revision 1.11 2004/02/22 09:54:21 tournois Change years on the copyright.

Revision 1.10 2004/01/29 20:52:35 tournois doc and tutorial.

Revision 1.9 2004/01/26 20:44:21 tournois no message

Revision 1.8 2004/01/25 17:32:56 tournois no message

Revision 1.7 2004/01/22 22:01:35 tournois no message

Revision 1.6 2004/01/19 20:40:56 tournois Add min, max and digits facet. Create the control flow file.

Revision 1.5 2003/11/19 20:52:54 tournois Add new manipulator for stag and etag. Correct bugs and add tests.

Revision 1.4 2003/11/18 18:54:52 tournois Add str_cast and drop the transformation.hpp file.

Revision 1.3 2003/11/14 11:45:05 tournois First try for the stag.

Revision 1.2 2003/11/02 19:23:01 tournois Go to the boost coding standard. Change all name to lower case.

Revision 1.1 2003/10/26 14:49:32 hfp reader separated

Revision 1.4 2003/10/25 13:53:40 hfp review and separation

Definition in file reader.hpp.

#include <ximol/stop_warnings.hpp>
#include <ximol/export_defs.hpp>
#include <ximol/typedefs.hpp>
#include <ximol/parser/utils.hpp>
#include <ximol/control_flow.hpp>
#include <map>

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namespace  helper
namespace  reader_policy


class  reader
 You must set all tags and launch the reader on an istream. More...

struct  ref_holder
struct  read_and_callback_type


template<typename T> xistreamoperator>> (xistream &xis, reader< T > &t)
 GetFrom operator for the reader.

template<typename T> xistreamoperator>> (xistream &xis, ref_holder< T > &r)
template<typename T> ref_holder< T > by_ref (T &x)
template<typename T, typename callback_type> xistreamoperator>> (xistream &xis, read_and_callback_type< T, callback_type > &r)
template<typename T, typename callback_type> read_and_callback_type< T,
callback_type > 
read_and_callback (T *, const callback_type &f)



Function Documentation

template<typename T>
ref_holder<T> by_ref T &  x  ) 

Definition at line 274 of file reader.hpp.

template<typename T, typename callback_type>
xistream& operator>> xistream xis,
read_and_callback_type< T, callback_type > &  r

Definition at line 287 of file reader.hpp.

References read_and_callback_type< T, callback_type >::f.

template<typename T>
xistream& operator>> xistream xis,
ref_holder< T > &  r

Definition at line 268 of file reader.hpp.

References ref_holder< T >::get_ref().

template<typename T>
xistream& operator>> xistream xis,
reader< T > &  t

GetFrom operator for the reader.

Definition at line 246 of file reader.hpp.

References reader< reading_policy_type >::read().

template<typename T, typename callback_type>
read_and_callback_type<T,callback_type> read_and_callback T *  ,
const callback_type &  f

Definition at line 296 of file reader.hpp.

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Definition at line 93 of file reader.hpp.

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