codecvt Member List

This is the complete list of members for codecvt, including all inherited members.
codecvt(const::std::string &encoding_name, size_t refs=0)codecvt [explicit]
create_encoding(const::std::string &encoding_name)codecvt
do_always_noconv() const codecvt [protected, virtual]
do_encoding() const codecvt [protected, virtual]
do_in(state_type &state, const extern_type *from, const extern_type *from_end, const extern_type *&from_next, intern_type *to, intern_type *to_limit, intern_type *&to_next) const codecvt [protected, virtual]
do_length(const state_type &state, const extern_type *from, const extern_type *end, size_t max) const codecvt [protected, virtual]
do_max_length() const codecvt [protected, virtual]
do_out(state_type &state, const intern_type *from, const intern_type *from_end, const intern_type *&from_next, extern_type *to, extern_type *to_limit, extern_type *&to_next) const codecvt [protected, virtual]
do_unshift(state_type &state, extern_type *to, extern_type *to_limit, extern_type *&to_next) const codecvt [protected, virtual]
extern_type typedefcodecvt
intern_type typedefcodecvt
state_type typedefcodecvt
~codecvt()codecvt [virtual]

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